Crossmedia Production MA programme at BFM

tallinnCrossmedia Production MA programme at BFM

The pre-conference is supported by two different academic institutions and one of them is Tallinn University’s Baltic Film and Media School (BFM) and more specifically its Crossmedia Production MA programme. BFM is one of Europe’s largest – and Northern Europe’s only – English-language film and media school.

The Crossmedia Production programme that was started only two years ago will have its first graduates just a few days before our pre-conference – young professionals among the first in the world certified as “crossmedia producers”. The term ‘crossmedia’ in the title of the programme is used neutrally – it refers to all sorts of multiplatform content development strategies and techniques that also include transmedia storytelling. In fact, courses on transmedia storytelling constite the core of of the programme and students are graduating with experimental transmedia projects that they have produced in teams. Other than that the crossmedia studies at BFM consists of three modules: audiovisual multiplatform storytelling; management of creative businesses; IT development and interaction design. Learn more about the study programme by following this link or watching the video below.

The faculty members of BFM will be attending and presenting at the pre-conference and will look forward to discussions on methods of transmedia training and related research strategies.



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