PhD Program at UPF


The PhD programme in Communication provides the opportunity to prepare and present a doctoral thesis, consisting of an original piece of research work in one of the doctorate’s research lines.

The objective of the PhD in Communication is to train high level researchers in the main fields of communication – journalism, audiovisual communications, advertising and public relations, documentation, and the Internet – related to other associated disciplines such as the social sciences and the humanities. The programme is taught within the Doctoral School at Pompeu Fabra University.

This training is geared towards the research lines in the six research groups associated with the Department of Communication, in collaboration with groups and departments at other Spanish and international universities and companies and institutions in the sector:

  • CAS: Communication and Advertising
  • CINEMA: Aesthetics of Audiovisual Media
  • DIGIDOC: Digital Documentation, Interactive Communication
  • GRP: Ethics and excellence in Journalism, Politics and History, Analysis of Internet Journalism (online media)
  • UNICA: Political and Audiovisual Communication, Audiovisual Production, Communications Policies in the Digital age, Television and Quality, Communication and Interculturality,  Communication and Lobby groups
  • GRCC: Scientific communication.

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