IMG_5939Last upgrade: June 9 – All activities have been confirmed!

The pre-conference will consist of three sessions and a keynote panel.

Registration (08.15-09.00)
Presentation (09.00-09.15)
Session I (09.15-10.30) – Transmedia and audiences / Chair: Elizabeth Evans 

  • Nele Simons / University of Antwerp: Audience Reception of Cross- and Transmedia TV Fiction
  • Daniel Pietschmann, Melanie Poser & Peter Ohler / Chemnitz University of Technology: Limitations of Transmedia Storytelling for children
  • José M. Blazquez / Develion: Fan-culture: transforming realities
  • Maren Würfel / University of Erfurt: Transmedia storyreading. The Appropriation of preferred media content in a convergent media worldDiscussion (15’)

Coffee-Break (10.30-10.45) – Hilton Meeting Room Lobby

Session II (10.45-11.45) – Political Economy of Transmedia / Chair: Carlos A. Scolari

  • Rosa Franquet & María Isabel Villa / Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona / Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana: Cross-media fiction content at the service of audience loyalty.
  • Juan Ramón Rodríguez-Amat & Katharine Sarikakis / University of Wien: “God throws dice”: authorship, computer composed waltzes and crossmedia experiences.
  • Indrek Ibrus / Tallinn University: The struggles of transmedia independents in Northern Europe
  • Discussion (15’)

Lunch (11.45-13.00) – Sandringham

Session III (13.00-14.45) – Transmedia Narrative Worlds / Chair: Indrek Ibrus

  • Carlos A. Scolari / Universitat Pompeu Fabra: Lostology: Transmedia storytelling and expansion/compression strategies
  • Matthew Freeman / University of Nottingham:  Transmediating The Yellow Brick Road: L. Frank Baum, Land of Oz, and Early Comic Strip Advertising as the Historical Rise of Transmedia Storytelling
  • Paolo Bertetti / Università di Siena: Towards a Typology of Transmedia Characters
  • Discussion (15’)
  • Yana V. Grushina / The University of Western Australia; Matthew Pryor, / Vendée Globe 2012-13: Communicating the Adventure of the Vendée Globe: Around-the-world Transmedia Storytelling
  • Karin Becker/ Stockholm University: Transmedial spaces, transmedial stories. Co-creating religious artefacts
  • Sung Gwan Park / Seoul National University: Not Just a Viral Video: Gangnam Style as a Transmedia Storytelling “Franchise”

Coffee-Break (14.45-15.00) – Hilton Meeting Room Lobby

Session III (15.00-15.15) – Transmedia Narrative Worlds (cont.) / Chair: Indrek Ibrus

    • Discussion (15’)

Keynote panel (15.15-17.00) / Chair: Indrek Ibrus and Carlos A. Scolari

  • Robert Pratten (Transmedia Storyteller Ltd.)
  • Sarah Atkinson (University of Brighton)
  • Elizabeth Evans (University of Nottingham)
  • Göran Bolin (Södertörn University)

The structure has been designed in order to facilitate discussion and dialog rather than individual presentations and a formal “question and answer” session. There will be a respondent for each panel, designed to facilitate dialogue and interaction. 


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